The Spoonbill Generator

What Boils Soot?

Whatever shall we do with your Aunt Sadie? [F]

She's been dead for a week and she's starting to smell [Randy]

Shall we bury her under the pecan tree, whataya think? [F]

No! Let's bury her over by the old wishing well [Randy]

Whatever shall we do with Cousin Larry? [F]

He's gone quite insane from drugs you know [Randy]

Betty Ford Clinic or should we just wash our hands of him? [F]

I think there's no point, just let him go [Randy]

Whatever shall we do with your friend, Sammy? [F]

She dropped out of college and is looking for work [Randy]

He majored in hoola hoopery, whataya think? [F]

S(he)'s of indeterminate sex and is just a jerk [Randy]

Whatever shall we do with that rummy Porky? [J]

He's a tad obese and a bit of a shit [Randy]

Shall we spike his drink with cascara, whatya think? [Beefy]

And buy him a baggy new suit that will fit? [Dassn't Say]

Whatever shall we do with what's left of summer? [Beefy]

The snowmen are melting and covered with soot [J]

Should we boil them down til they are no more, whaddya think? [Karin]

I say the question now borders on moot [please end me]

Contributors: F, Randy, J, Beefy, Dassn't Say, Karin, please end me.
Poem finished: 5th August 2003.