The Spoonbill Generator

May I Apply for this Job?

On the morning of the seventh day of May [N]

I applied for a job as a madam [Francine]

What provoked me to apply I cannot say [N]

Nor can I, really, ever truly fathom [Francine]

How the courtesans will manage with my stay [N]

On the evening of the second day of June [Francine]

I applied for a job as a judge [N]

But the scurvy politicians did impugn [F]

My skills as better suited to a drudge [Anon.]

Which would not entail a monetary boon [Francine]

On an afternoon, one Tuesday in July [N]

I applied for a job as a crank [pasquale]

For my skills at this were practiced. Do I lie? [F]

But sadly not a soul there is to thank [Anon.]

Which suits my misanthropy; I still am wry [Francine]

Contributors: N, Francine, pasquale.
Poem finished: 5th August 2003.