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The End of a Shrewd Heroine


There once was a cold winter knight [N (after Beefy)]

His visage gave children a fright [Karin]

He had but one eye [N]

Adorned by a stye [Karin]

That badly affected his sight [N]

His affliction was cause for concern [Karin]

For one morning our knight was to learn [N]

He'd been called on to joust [Karin]

So the girl he'd espoused [Anon.]

Decided that she'd take his turn [Francine]

She practiced both nighttime and day [N]

And was ready to enter the fray [Francine]

At last came her chance
So grabbing her lance [Anon.]

She charged without further delay [Francine]

Disguised with her armour and visor
The folks in the crowd were no wiser [N]

She won every match [Francine]

With flair and dispatch [N]

Spoke the king, enthroned on a riser [Francine]

"I declare that we have a new ace!
But your visor is hiding your face [N]

Upraise it, brave knight [F]

For after that fight [N]

Your manliness all will embrace" [Francine]

The knight bended down on one knee [N]

Identity still a myst'ry [F]

Then cried out "Your highness
In spite of my shyness [N]

I confess I'm a her not a he!" [Francine]

The king then looked down at her hair
And almost fell right off his chair [N]

He shouted "Tis treachery!" [Karin]

And worse than my lechery [F]

But the crowd, well they just didn't care [N]

Contributors: N (after Beefy), Karin, N, Francine, F.
Poem finished: 5th August 2003.