The Spoonbill Generator

My Other Lifetime was a Thing Foregone

A mothball larger than the sun [P]

Convulsed the Iron Duke [Roland]

Preventing him from having fun [P]

With houris in the soukh [Roland]

As prophesied in Luke [P]

(nineteen to twenty-one) [Roland]

A mouthful sweeter than plum jam [TG]

Condemned the brazen shark [Roland]

To question, "Who or what I am" [P]

While listening to Bach [TG]

As prophesied in Mark [Roland]

(by courtesy of Sam) [TG]

But hold, ye Lapps! [(trad)]

And spring the traps [P]

And drain the Schnapps [TG]

From golden taps! [P]

A minstrel deafer than a post [TG]

Confounds the silver swan [Roland]

By gargling the loyal toast [TG]

Where suns have never shone [P]

As prophesied in John [Roland]

By Pontius Pilate's ghost [P]

A mongrel hairier than a yak [TG]

Controls the fate of Man [P]

By holding all the seasons back [TG]

As only those with four legs can [P]

The prophets had a plan [TG]

To mount an armed attack. [P]

But stay, ye Finns! [TG]

Repent your sins! [P]

And call the twins [TG]

With stupid grins [P]

Now it begins ..... [TG]

Contributors: P, Roland, TG, (trad).
Poem finished: 4th August 2003.