The Spoonbill Generator

Of Paisley


My wardrobe is my pride and joy [N]

I own three leopard coats and an unfeathered boa, as well as [F]

A collection of argyle vests, unrivalled in the Western Hemisphere. [Karin]

Several unmatched socks, both striped and checkered [N]

And a porkpie hat, which my late Uncle Max bequeathed to me [F]

Aunt Sadie's polka-dotted caftans hold a place of honor, alongside the [Karin]

Spandex tuxedos of every imaginable colour [Anon.]

Paisley headscarves by the dozen [Karin]

Pinstriped bloomers which I only wear to funerals [Randy]

And one burlap brassiere. [Karin]

Contributors: F, N, Karin, N (fiiine I'll change it), Randy.
Poem finished: 4th August 2003.