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Rhyme in Perversity

Forgive me if I sound perverse [F]

But you could not smell any worse [Karin]

Your teeth are an 'orror [baoloa]

And you wear a limp fedora [F]

Your smile is so crooked [baoloa]

That I really cannot brook it [F]

Your hips are so flabby [Randy]

They make me awfully crabby [N]

I heard your voice croak [baoloa]

And so I take it that you smoke [F]

And your face looks like a froggy [Randy]

Like a pizza slice gone soggy [N]

Forgive me if I sound intense [F]

But your butt is quite immense [Randy]

I think that I will end this verse [Karin]

Though things are bad they could be worse [Randy]

Contributors: F, Karin, baoloa, Randy, N.
Poem finished: 4th August 2003.