The Spoonbill Generator

Naked Halluciantions of Night

Madness and despair have haunted me [N]

And driven me to seek the curlew's cry [De Quincey]

It pierces the abject darkness of my soul [N]

And makes me want to curl up now and die. [Dassn't Say]

Or, perhaps, curl up and dye my hair [Francine]

And pluck my brows which are like wire wool [Dassn't Say]

And thus estrange myself from every friend [F]

Who has ever had a kind word for me [N]

Angst and weltanschauung have dogged my trail [F]

I have wantonly wallowed in my woefulness [N]

Which further estranged me from my dearest ones [F]

In death, I'm sure my life would much improve [N]

Contributors: N, De Quincey, Dassn't Say, Francine, F.
Poem finished: 4th August 2003.