The Spoonbill Generator

Visiting the Mortals

In San Francisco, on the trams [Roland]

I saw a building pointed [Anon.]

Like some gnomon of the gods [anon]

A timepiece the clouds annointed [Anon.]

Prouder than the Babel Tower [Francine]

Like Hercules it stood it's ground [Randy]

We took a wrecking ball to it [Francine]

It's structure with laughter did resound [Randy]

As a metronome it did sway [baoloa]

Since God had spiked my Cola [loaf]

Splashing the ocean and the bay [baoloa]

It made me cry, "Aloha!" [F]

This dizzy earthquake pyramid [baoloa]

Caused my soul to shimmy [F]

Mere mortals ran off and hid [Karin]

Except for my friend, Jimmy. [please end me, too]

Contributors: Roland, Kansas Sam, anon, Francine, Randy, baoloa, loaf, F, Karin, please end me, too.
Poem finished: 3rd August 2003.