The Spoonbill Generator

Ounces of Hidden Obviousness

I got the "I Ain't Got Nuthin' to be Blue About" blues [Kansas Sam]

And that's cos I've found my lucky walkin' shoes [P]

And I do believe, at last, my mojo's beginnin' to work on you [anon]

'Cos I got a black cat bone and a hoodoo brew [Edgar]

I got a "That girl's no good for anyone" girl [N]

Think about that woman, it makes my fingers curl [anon]

She's got it, she knows it, she uses it every night [Kansas Sam]

And when she do get home we get into a fight [Francine]

I got a trusty pistol and a rusty automobile. [Dassn't Say]

By god, ain't no woman gonna make me heel [F]

I know she done cheated with my best friend [Karin]

I'm gonna take my trusty pistol and bring it to an end [please end me]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, P, anon, Edgar, N, Francine, Dassn't Say, F, Karin, please end me.
Poem finished: 3rd August 2003.