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Who Hasn't Written Doggerel?!

Blank verse is but pretentious prose - discuss [Beefy]

Well sir, I say that prose is but listless poetry [anon]

I can't see why reviewers make a fuss [Beefy]

Or why they hide their own verse in shadowetry [Anon.]

In fact I cannot see the need at all [P]

For critics - nail them to the wall! [Beefy]

Rhymed verse is just old-fogey doggerel - debate [Francine]

Well sir, I say that debates are but old hat [archaeopteryx]

A non-rhyming poem is like breakfast without bran [Randy]

Don't you know, at your age, that you're sure to rue that? [Anon.]

In fact I cannot see there's any point [P]

For prunes - your shriveled hands to anoint! [archaeopteryx]

Atonal music's worse than random noise - agree? [Beefy]

Well sir, I say that all sound one hears is noise [Kansas Sam]

But not all noise is random, can't you see? [Beefy]

Oh, to see what I've heard, hear what I've seen! [anon]

In fact I cannot find a farthing of truth [pasquale]

In your words - must you be so uncouth? [Nym]

Contributors: Beefy, anon, Kansas Sam, P, Francine, archaeopteryx, Randy, pasquale, Nym.
Poem finished: 2nd August 2003.