The Spoonbill Generator

Evenings Much Like This

There is magic in the air tonight [N]

The Earth itself slows its turning [Beefy]

To watch the stars [P]

A wisp of smoke strains for the moon [Beefy]

The river's murmur floods the deepening dark [de Quincey]

In the distance, tiny lights glow and sparkle [N]

The fires of brutish men who fear the dark. [L.5nicemetre]

The lions do not sleep tonight. [Anon.]

Dreams unthread themselves while tired gods [Francine]

Doze lazily under cascading spring blossoms [N]

Prayers unravel [F]

A random thought floats in the dusk [N]

A new imagining begins. Fires dim [F]

But still retain a lingering warmth [N]

Something stirs, a sigh [F]

Escapes from somewhere unseen [N]

Contributors: N, Beefy, P, de Quincey, L.5nicemetre, Anon., Francine, F.
Poem finished: 1st August 2003.