The Spoonbill Generator

Fishing for the Deal Makers

This time, Sam, we'll make a deal [N]

You can't afford it, Nym [Anon.]

I'll lay my cards out on the table [N]

So then I get snoookered? [Kansas Sam]

You be'll running scared, soon enough [N]

Sez u [Kansas Sam]

Don't make this harder for me [N]

Look, is it really that bad? [Anon.]

The stakes are higher than you realise [N]

Oh, that. Yeah, it's all over the street [Anon.]

Any trouble, and you are dispensable [N]

I'll make you an offer you can't refuse [Francine]

Listen, you don't choose what I refuse [No fair, I want one]

Let me be more specific: they're looking for you [Kansas Sam]

Any more specific and you'll have steel in your skull [N]

C'mon... Look, let's just find a way to work this thing out [Kansas Sam]

You have no idea, do you? [N]

Whaddya mean?... [Anon.]

This meeting is over. Finish him off, boys. [N]

Contributors: N, Kansas Sam, Francine, No fair, I want one.
Poem finished: 1st August 2003.