The Spoonbill Generator

Nightmares in a Mind Overtaken by Madness After Sleepless Days and Nights

If you had but one final chance [Anon.]

Would you wish for another three wishes? [Kansas Sam]

If the band played just one last dance [N]

Would you throw them a nosh of knishes? [Kansas Sam]

If the world was crumbling all around [N]

Would you jump to a sleep with the fishes? [Anon.]

If not a soul alive could e'er be found [Anon.]

Would you bother to pre-wash your dishes? [Kansas Sam]

And when the stars no longer shine [N]

Will you still part your hair in the middle? [Anon.]

When nought remains that's yours or mine [N]

Will you have enough thumbs for a twiddle? [Kansas Sam]

When you breathe your dying breath [N]

Will your punchline suffice for life's riddle? [Kansas Sam]

When none remain to mourn your death [N]

Will you mind when you miss when you piddle? [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: N, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 1st August 2003.