The Spoonbill Generator

Why you never dared tell the Pope about Mother Hubbard

Why do you chide me when you could ride me? [Francine]

Why are you such a damn fool? [Randy]

You must not deride me or try to abide me [Francine]

Now shut up and take out your tool [Randy]

Why do you deface me and never embrace me? [Francine]

Why are you afraid to pitch woo? [Randy]

You must not just show it, you really must know it-- [Francine]

You really must know how to screw [Randy]

Why do you diss me - I want you to kiss me [Beefy]

Why are you acting so shy? [P]

You must not just drill me, I want you to thrill me [Beefy]

Be my lascivious guy. [Dassn't Say]

Why do you blubber when I dress in rubber? [Beefy]

Why won't you spank my behind? [P]

It's time you to discover I am a weird lover [F]

Just ask this cantaloupe rind [Kansas Sam]

Go back to your mummy, you milksop, you dummy [Beefy]

You'll never learn how to romance me. [td]

You think I am scummy, a regular rummy [F]

You don't even try to de-pants me [Randy]

I long to be squired, but you're not "hard-wired" [td]

To cater to all of my quirks [Francine]

Your're soft and your're lazy, perhaps even crazy. [td]

It's time I withdrew all your perks: [Kansas Sam]

I'll start, for example, with my bosom most ample [td]

-- I'll wrap it up in coal; [Pasquale]

You'll be in a pickle with no "Captain Tickle" [Kansas Sam]

My cummerbund is all you'll ever know [waffler]

Contributors: Francine, Randy, Beefy, P, Dassn't Say, F, Kansas Sam, td, Pasquale, waffler.
Poem finished: 1st August 2003.