The Spoonbill Generator


Now here is a story, it's really quite gory and really quite sad to relate [Randy]

I dated a fogey who fed me a hoagie; I knew it was only a bait-- [F]

Yes he was an old fart and he had a bad heart so I treated him gently you see [Randy]

For he liked to allude to my going nude and was wont to call me "amie" [F]

So I acted quite rash and slipped out of my sash, exposing my big underbelly [Randy]

He couldn't care less, he was making a mess, while eating in front of the telly [Nym]

I had to implore him to call up a quorum of several old farts such as he [Francine]

But he didn't respond he just belched and yawned and he got up to go for a pee [Randy]

How rude it seemed. And how very seamed his pecker, it then looked to me [F]

And he gave me a start, when he let out a fart as his seamy old pecker hung free [Randy]

Contributors: Randy, F, Nym, Francine.
Poem finished: 31st July 2003.