The Spoonbill Generator

A Prior Rainbow

Red was the color of my true love's knuckles. [Dassn't Say]

Black and blue the colors of my head [Kansas Sam]

Green was the color of my true love's buckles [Randy]

And pink was the color of his bed [F]

Yes, pink was the colour of his bed, my lads [Beefy]

Green his buckles; yes, I tell you true [Anon.]

And purple was the color of his scrotum, ye gads! [Randy]

(You just learned something new) [Anon.]

Orange and teal were his fingers and toes [Nym]

Why, though, he never would say [Kansas Sam]

The brightest of yellows embellished his nose [Anon.]

And his hair was the color of hay [Randy]

His lips were a shade of aquamarine [Nym]

His footsoles were pukishly puce. [Dassn't Say]

His hat was the whitest that I've ever seen [N]

But I could not really see the use [Francine]

He wore a strange vest that had gold polka-dots [Randy]

And boots that had bronze curlicues [Francine]

His fat ugly face was riddled with spots [Karin]

His toenails of various hues [Francine]

"Visually challenging", that's what they said [N]

"So tacky, so garish," and such [Francine]

When he waved to the crowd, boy he made them see red [Randy]

His palette was just too much [Francine]

Somebody screamed, "Call the color Police" [Randy]

"Emergency here! Help us, mayday!" [N]

Discomfited then, he proceeded to grease-- [Francine]

his hair back and hasten away! [N (please end me!)]

Contributors: Dassn't Say, Kansas Sam, Randy, F, Beefy, Anon., Nym, N, Francine, Karin, N (please end me!).
Poem finished: 31st July 2003.