The Spoonbill Generator

A Story About Her Master's Mustache

It might've been his husky voice [Nym]

Or perhaps his black mustache [Francine]

The way he sauntered to the bar [Nym]

His mien urbane and brash [Francine]

She spied him through her empty glass [Nym]

He felt her probing eyes [Francine]

So smooth he was, exuding class [Nym]

A master of disguise [Kansas Sam]

He ordered scotch, and made it two [Nym]

Sauntered over, made a quip [Franicne]

She smiled the way that women do [Anon.]

Her guard began to slip [Francine]

He said "I'm here from out of town [Nym]

"And I sense that you are, too" [Francine]

"I know that you won't let me down" [Nym]

She said, "What must I do?" [Francine]

"I'm lookin' for a place to hide" [Anon.]

Was it just a ploy? she thought [Francine]

"You trying to take me for ride?" [Nym]

"Why, no, my dear. It's not a plot." [Francine]

He downed his drink; held out his hand [Nym]

She felt her soul detaching [Francine]

Together did they slowly stand [Nym]

Each movement subtly matching [Francine]

He led her through the saloon doors [Nym]

He touched her waist to guide her [Francine]

Then helped her up onto his horse [Nym]

She found it hard to hide her-- [F]

Lust, as this was just the guy [Anon.]

Whose visage she had fantasized [Francine]

Perhaps he was a British spy [Nym]

Her theory, though, she realized-- [Francine]

Did not hold up to scrutiny [Nym]

His body was pressed close to hers [Francine]

He held her most unsuitingly [Nym]

So magical, his lures [F]

Their shadows lengthened on the ground
The sun was low, but still they rode [Nym]

Until at last a hut they found
An old but safe abode

Inside the thick adobe walls [Anon.]

They suddenly got very shy, [Dassn't Say]

Scared by close coyote calls [Kansas Sam]

Did something brush against her thigh? [td]

She gasped at the bedsheets' cool caress [Neil]

He sighed as she gasped. He craved [Dassn't Say]

For her to shed her dress
(And hoped to God she'd shaved)

"What is it you would have me do?" [Francine]

She whispered to him, sensually [Nym]

"I would do anything for you" [Francine]

He smiled and knew potentially-- [Nym]

She'd sink or soar, most willingly [Francione]

So with his hands, he beckoned her [Nym]

To leave the room; unerringly-- [F]

She turned and said, "I reckon, Sir," [Nym]

"That you prefer I not depart" [F]

"Why, truly you're a shifty player" [Anon.]

"And you," she said, "must know the art-- [Francine]

To please a gal and lay her?" [td]

He smiled wryly, took her hand [F]

And pulled her body close to his [Anon.]

And in that timeless no-man's-land [F]

She yielded gently to his kiss [Anon.]

It was heaven, it was hell [Francine]

It felt so wrong, it felt so right [Nym]

Both knew that when they rose, they fell [F]

Their passion raged like day and night [Anon.]

Day after day, night after night [F]

They yielded to hypnotic passions [td]

Right was wrong and wrong so right [F]

Their love was not on rations [td]

So rapt were they, they never heard [Beefy]

The railroad tracks had been rerouted [Anon.]

You'll surely guess what then occurred [Beefy]

(If not, The Bristol Star tells all about it) [Anon.]

Their dance of love had been derailed; [tonedeaf]

(As doubtless you have read by now) [Anon.]

Their dreams and hopes had sadly failed [N]

(These stories end that way, somehow) [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Nym, Francine, Kansas Sam, Franicne, Anon., Dassn't Say, td, Neil, Francione, F, N, Beefy, tonedeaf.
Poem finished: 31st July 2003.