The Spoonbill Generator

Dog Life Dance


There once was a dog named Mollie [Kar (pls make it clean)]

Who was given to acts of folly [N]

She ate lots of tissues [Karin]

They fell into disuse [N]

But she made her Mom and Dad so jolly. [Karin]

She lived with her buddy named Rainer [N]

Who from the start was sometimes a painer! [Karin]

He liked to chase squirrels [F]

Up trees he made them whirl [Karin]

He likes it? Of course, a no-brainer. [F]

There once was a roo named Skippy
Who was famous for wearing red lippy [Anon.]

He hopped with a swish [F]

And he spoke with a lisp [Karin ]

And dressed like a regular hippy [N]

I once tried to play a kazoo [F]

It was clear that I hadn't a clue [N]

I sounded quite clunky [Karin]

As if some old monkey-- [F]

Was struggling to push out some poo. [Karin (sorry)]

Then once I tried dancing a waltz
It quickly revealed all my faults [Anon.]

I had two left feet [F]

Couldn't stay with the beat [N]

So I turned to drinking scotch malts. [Karin]

Contributors: F, Kar (pls make it clean), N, Karin, Karin (sorry).
Poem finished: 30th July 2003.