The Spoonbill Generator

Insults for Schoolmarms

Slug bug! [dodo]

What sort of thing are you? [Nym]

I'm a shiny, new, expensive beetle car! [dodo]

Scat rat! [Nym]

Why use vinegar rather than honey? [dodo]

Because it costs a little less money! [F]

Git nit! [dodo]

When will you ever leave? [N]

When I have finished knotting the tails of sows! [F]

Sick tick! [Anon.]

What dantesque limbo do you hail from? [F]

The One at the end of the line, thou silly-sally! [Kansas Sam]

Bog hog! [F]

Why is it that you pester me? [N]

I have nothing better to do, and you're so squiffy! [F]


Numb nuts! [F]

Which puddle of slime did you crawl from? [N]

The same one that engendered you and your mother! [F]

Dumb dolt! [Karin]

Why must you unhinge my hinges? [F]

So I can watch you freak out, you big freak! [Karin]

Contributors: dodo, Nym, F, N, Kansas Sam, Anon., Karin.
Poem finished: 30th July 2003.