The Spoonbill Generator

Not For Edification

Of brooding springs, and hooting rocks [Nym]

I claim no special knowledge [F]

It wasn't taught at college [Anon.]

Nor did I learn why bagels go with lox [F]

Of mournful trees, and twitching grass [N]

I have no real assurance [Francine]

They may be just a nuisance [N]

Or enigmatic messages, alas [F]

Of buzzing clouds, and humble hills [N]

Of thee I do not singeth [Francine]

Such sadness doth it bringeth [N]

I must abandon all elaborate trills [F]

Of tuneful ash, and dancing caves [Kansas Sam]

I've heard so many things [N]

Such as tootlings and pings [F]

The justice of it washes in the waves [asdf]

Of weeping dales, and sticky frost [N]

I have to claim, no contest [F]

It's time that I confessed [N]

'Twas a bishop's mitre that I once embossed [F]

Contributors: Nym, F, N, Francine, Kansas Sam, asdf.
Poem finished: 30th July 2003.