The Spoonbill Generator

Something Counts

Zero was an astronaut [Nym]

And two was his co-pilot [Francine]

Four was at the launching pad [Num]

While three kept deathly quiet [Francine]

Eleven was a cosmonaut. [Dassn't Say]

Nine his comrad near [Anon.]

Seven was a spy they thought [Larry Brennan]

(That's why Twelve came here) [Kansas Sam]

One would die and all for naught. [td]

But not the one you think [Kansas Sam]

Five among the six they sought [td]

Did blast-offs from the clink [Kansas Sam]

Twelve was close; she feared a plot! [td]

The pieces fit together! [Anon.]

Nine was taken out and shot; [td]

Seven got...The Feather (gasp!) [Anon.]

But twenty hid beneath the stairs [P]

(As seven's sure to squeal) [Kansas Sam]

The others hit the road in pairs [Larry Brennan]

In a quest for the Seventh Seal [P]

Minus one was negative
About their final fate [Nym]

Profuse though be his begative [Kansas Sam]

It was, alas, too late [Nym]

Plus thirty-five was on the skids. [Dassn't Say]

Her luck had all expired [Nym]

Chaotic for numeric kids [Francine]

She finally retired [Nym]

Contributors: Nym, Francine, Num, Dassn't Say, Kansas Sam, Larry Brennan, td, P.
Poem finished: 29th July 2003.