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Horseback Spirits of the Ghost Town

On a dusty road in an outback town [Anon.]

A girl on horseback tugs the reins. [Dassn't Say]

She shades her eyes and looks aroun' [Nym]

Fear coursing through her veins [Francine]

The general store is boarded up
There's not a single soul in sight [Nym]

She gives her steed the order, "Hup" [Francine]

But the beast has taken fright [Nym]

On a wild dash through an eldritch land [Francine]

That girl is hangin' on for life [Nym]

Endless miles had she spanned [Francine]

When her stallion came to strife [Nym]

A stone was lodged in his front hoof [Francine]

She has no tool to prize it out [Nym]

And God, himself, seems too aloof [Francine]

She's steedless now, and filled with doubt

On a lonely trail, on a soulless night [Francine]

The wind is howling through the dunes [Nym]

The plucky girl decides to fight [Francine]

She knows her time is soon [Nym]

An aborigine appears [Francine]

With spear in hand, and painted face [Nym]

With lifted hand, he quells her fears [Francine]

For he is master of this place

Magically, the horse's hoof [Francine]

Gave up the stone; the steed was healed. [td]

She knew that then she'd seen the proof [Nym]

The facts she'd known had been repealed. [tonedeaf]

There were no evil spirits here [Nym]

"I'll mount my steed (and he'll mount me)," [tonedeaf ]

She said, and gave a final cheer
Then rode off with her bounty [please end me]

Contributors: Anon., Dassn't Say, Nym, Francine, the cavalry?, td, tonedeaf, please end me.
Poem finished: 28th July 2003.