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And Now Hard Skirts

My love's inclined to wear a hat [Francine]

But then he stands up, once it's on [Kansas Sam]

And I'm not sure that where he's at [Francine]

A hat's the sort of thing to don [Nym]

His barber says he's had enough [Kansas Sam]

He's shorter than my lover, Jim [Francine]

And always had to do it tough [Nym]

And hide his hat from him [Francine]

My beau's inclined to wear a skirt [Nym]

But then he swishes, once it's on [Francine]

And I'm not sure that he should flirt [Nym]

Or act like such a paragon [Francine]

His tailor says he's given up [Nym]

Jim's outfits are both his and hers [Francine]

It causes him to wheeze and hiccup [Anon.]

And don endangered furs [Francine]

My wife's inclined to wear pyjamas [Nym]

Androgyny I go for [Francine]

(Does her nightwear have to look like Gramma's?) [tonedeaf]

This poem is no more [Nym]

Contributors: Francine, Kansas Sam, Nym, Anon., tonedeaf.
Poem finished: 28th July 2003.