The Spoonbill Generator

Gingersnaps (Why Dress Up?)

Maxine's coming into town, but look at all this mess! [Kansas Sam]

We've left our undies on the floor and fish on the verandah [Francine]

What's that?--I think she's at the door! Quick--where'd we put your dress?! [Kansas Sam]

Now I think I hear Geraldo creeping up the stairs! [Francine]

I found your dress--now, to your right and down the hall--that's it! [Kansas Sam]

What's that?--I hear the doorknob turn! We're naked but who cares [Francine]

Your mother's in the lounge! Her poodle's chewing on your bra! [Neil]

But I don't wear one. Never mind. And where are my suspenders? [Francine]

What's that?--Fishnets round my ankles? I won't be getting very far [Nym]

This place is like Grand Central Station (only not as large) [Francine]

Graffiti on the walls and litter almost everywhere [Nym]

People entering and leaving, including a gentleman named "Sarge" [Francine]

The train to nowhere's leaving soon, on platform number six [Nym]

We bought our tickets long ago; our bags have long been packed [Francine]

We've been running low on energy, now we gotta get our fix [Anon.]

Of going in and coming out, of passing through and by [Francine]

We're leaving now--Goodbye all--If we ever meet again, [Anon.]

We'll all say "hi" but don't trust me; I have been know to lie. [Francine]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, Francine, Neil, Nym, Anon..
Poem finished: 28th July 2003.