The Spoonbill Generator

Lips You can Kiss

I should've screwed old what's her name [Francine]

You know--that gal from work [Anon.]

The one who wore the muumuus [Francine]

Who saw "Soleil du Cirque" (giggles) [Kansas Sam]

I should've kissed her on the lips [Francine]

Instead, I only looked... [Kansas Sam]

To see if she was bearded [Francine]

Hairy women have me hooked [Nym]

I should have bonked old what's his face [Francine]

You know--my handyman [td]

The one who practiced voodoo [Francine]

A chips and candy fan [Anon.]

I should've had him fix my vent [Anon.]

Or offered him a key [Francine]

(Perhaps he'd fix my toaster.) [Anon.]

There goes my fantasy [Nym]

I should've boffed old Santa Claus [Francine]

Who smelled of goats and rum [Neil]

But then, he'd say I'm naughty [Francine]

And run off with my mum [Nym]

I should've shagged my auld acquaintance [Francine]

When I had the chance [Nym]

Ere they died or moved away [Francine]

Maybe living with their aunts [Nym]

I should've done their aunts as well [Francine]

But they surely had diseases [Nym]

Mad cow and gonorrhea [Francine]

Now what if I did Jesus? [Anon.]

Contributors: Francine, Kansas Sam, Nym, td, Anon., Neil.
Poem finished: 28th July 2003.