The Spoonbill Generator

Wish To Be

"It wasn't meant to be," the woman sobbed. [tonedeaf]

"I was so hoping that the turtle would be purple" [Francine]

"And that Monica would never ever slurp Bill" [Dassn't Say]

"And that Al Gore's hair transplant looked better" [Anon.]

"All hope is gone," the woman burbled. [Francine]

"I'm outfoxed and under-gerbiled." [td]

"Now you see why I'm disturbuled" [Kansas Sam]

"I think I'll leave this town and get suburbled." [Dassn't Say]

"That was a good one!", the old woman giggled. [td]

"Such is my fate", the woman resigned [Anon.]

To move into Levittown lickedy-split. [Dassn't Say]

And pray all my furbelows will fit in the den [Francine]

And everyone stop beating a dead horse, [td]

Contributors: tonedeaf, Francine, Dassn't Say, Anon., td, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 27th July 2003.