The Spoonbill Generator

The Yellow Sofa

Tommy, where is my yellow scarf? [Karin]

Over there, behind the sofa [F]

We're getting takeout from Arby's tonight. [Karin]

That's nice; I just love enchiladas [F]

Tommy, when are we going to Peoria? [Karin]

Because my Uncle Phil has influenza [F]

I think Aunt Josephine calls it "the grippe" [Karin]

Or does she call it "la post-nasal drip?" [F]

Tommy, do you still have your love beads? [Karin]

You know, as a matter of fact, I do [F]

Why do you keep them after all these years? [Anon.]

They sort of clash with your red suspenders. [Karin]

Tommy, have you let Scruffy out this morning? [Kansas Sam]

I think he just "made" behind the sofa [Karin]

Whose turn is it to clean up, My Darling? [Kansas Sam]

Oh crap - my yellow scarf is ruined! [Karin]

Contributors: Karin, F, Anon., Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 26th July 2003.