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Love Awkwardly

If I fell in love with you [Karin (Beatles)]

Would you promise not to spew? [Kansas Sam (from Karin)]

God help me, I've just been canned [Karin (best I could do)]

'Cause I've been in love before [Grayman]

And I've read that love is war [Nym]

It's Cust-er's Last Stand [Kansas Sam]

If I made a start [Beefy]

at you [Kansas Sam]

I just want more [Karin]

From your cherry tart [td]

Would you seduce me more than her? [Anon.]

If I just said said "moo", or "cheese" [Karin]

Don't naugahyde [Anon.]

If my gloves are new, oh please [Karin]

Wear rhino hide like her [snood]

'Cause I couldn't stand the rain [Grayman]

In my coat of lambskin fur [Lee]

[Whatever happened to?] Banzai would be glad if my new glove [(corrective) snood]

Were in Spain [Anon.]

Joe I soap [snood]

your knees near thigh [Kansas Sam]

I'd love to lave you! [Karin]

If it stings it's lye [Kansas Sam]

It'll burn your skin right through [Karin]

If I fell in lave with you [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Karin (Beatles), Kansas Sam (from Karin), Karin (best I could do), Grayman, Nym, Kansas Sam, Beefy, Karin, td, Anon., snood, Lee, (corrective) snood.
Poem finished: 26th July 2003.