The Spoonbill Generator

You can't Have Sushi

Have you ever dated Lucy? [F]

No, I cannot say I have [Anon.]

Have you ever eaten sushi? [F]

Now and then, while in the bath [Anon.]

Have you ever loved a midget? [F]

Just a little, late one night [Anon.]

Have you ever used a widget? [Karin]

No, but someday, heck, I might [Anon.]

Have you ever bounced a dryad? [Francine]

Maybe yes, maybe no [Anon.]

Have you ever been in Nyack? [Karin]

Yes, I have - does it show? [Anon.]

Have you ever squeezed a pillow? [Francine]

If I had, I would not say... [Anon.]

Have you tasted armadillo? [Karin]

Often, yes - but not today [Anon.]

Have you ever pursed your lips? [F]

Yes, I have - and more than once [Anon.]

Do you ever bloop your blips? [F]

No, that's not among my stunts [Anon.]

Have you ever squashed a murgle? [F]

Not so far, but maybe soon [Anon.]

Have you ever heard me gurgle? [Karin]

Yes, I have - this afternoon [Anon.]

Must you always answer queries? [F]

No, there isn't any law [Anon.]

For this inquisition wearies [F]

Well, to me, it's still a draw... [Anon.]

I'm afraid to end this poem [F]

Houston, The Eagle has landed [Anon.]

Contributors: F, Anon., Karin, Francine.
Poem finished: 26th July 2003.