The Spoonbill Generator

Poetry and Excess

There was a man from Timbuktu [Francine]

Who swam till his nipples turned blue [benzok]

He cried out, "Please have pity!" [tonedeaf]

On my ice-frosted titty [snood]

And so a gal from South Dakota [Francine]

Who often exceeded her quota [td]

She tried to log in [Nym]

But the mad sys admin [Anon.]

Said, "The Force, Luke", as (badly done) Yoda [Kansas Sam]

I once met a lady from Sweden [Nym]

Whose pasta seldom needed weedin' [Anon.]

It tasted so poor
I threw up on floor [Nym]

And considered internally bleedin' [Anon.]

There once was a terrible poet [Nym]

His scansion was extremely bad and everybody but him knowed it [Kansas Sam]

His lines didn't rhyme
And time after time again [Nym]

Was bonked on the head but didn't feel it [Anon.]

There once was a fine balladeer [Nym]

Whose adam's apple looked sort of queer [Anon.]

On closer inspection [Karin]

This odd imperfection [Nym]

Made sense: he's a Three Musketeer [asdf]

Whenever you start a new poem
Be sure that you find it a home [Nym]

Or it will spin round [Kansas Sam]

Not worth a pound [Nym]

And land in a Robert Frost tome [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Francine, benzok, tonedeaf, snood, td, Nym, Anon., Kansas Sam, Karin, asdf.
Poem finished: 25th July 2003.