The Spoonbill Generator

Sleep Will Not Be Heard

I really need to get some sleep [Karin]

You mustn't; the fun is getting started [Francine]

joy oh joy, I just farted [Anon.]

Egads! Now we're in too deep. [Karin]

I truly need to rest my head [Nym]

it feels like it's pumped full of lead [Anon.]

My oh my, where's my bed [Nym]

You must spoonbill with us instead [F]

I need to grab those forty winks [Nym]

Settle instead for several blinks [F]

Gosh oh gosh, it's a jinx [Nym]

The way you egg me on, you minx [F]

I am obliged to take a nap [Nym]

You can't; we've just begun to rap [F]

Why oh why, must you snap? [Nym]

Relax, it was a mere mishap [F]

I feel the need to close my eyes [Nym]

You mustn't. And suspend those sighs [Francine]

See, oh see, I cannot rise [Nym]

You're telling me a pack of lies. [F]

Contributors: Karin, Francine, Anon., Nym, F.
Poem finished: 24th July 2003.