The Spoonbill Generator

A Homerian Epic of Anglicans in Peru

There was an old man from Peru [Francine]

Who hopped like a mad kangaroo [Nym]

Though he was legless [Francine]

He sure wasn't begless [unkempt]

He bounced on his sturdy wazoo [Francine]

There was a dark prince from Persia [Nym]

Who said, "I hear that she lures ya---" [Francine]

He drew out his sword [Nym]

A stout hempen cord [Francine]

And started to violently curse her [Anon.]

There was a mad hatter named Bruce [Francine]

Who drank nothing but celery juice [Nym]

When time came to pee [Kansas Sam]

The rats would all flee [Nym]

He'd unloose like a beer-drinking moose [F]

I read a dull poet named Carl [Kansas Sam]

And found myself tied in a snarl [Francine]

His cat's feet were stinky [Kansas Sam]

The fog thing was dinky [Francine]

I much rather read Roald Dahl [Nym]

I'd much rather read Nabokov [Francine]

(I've been told I'm a literary boff) [Nym]

And yet I don't know [Francine]

My head from my toe [Nym]

When I cut my hair, toenails fly off [Kansas Sam]

Dickens is fine but so torpid [Francine]

Shakespeare, at times, rather morbid [Nym]

And yet when I read [Francine]

I humbly concede [Nym]

I seldom can really absorb it [Francine]

I once read a novel by Joyce [Nym]

But mind you, it wasn't my choice [Francine]

I think he's overrated [Karin]

And really quite jaded [Francine]

By now his corpse is quite moist. [Karin]

The epics of Homer amuse me [Nym(K-meet us at QT)]

What effect do they have on thee? [Karin (what's QT?)]

The Odyssey bores [Nym (K see green)]

It's all about wars [F]

And life on the silly old sea [Nym]

Hemmingway's naught but a hack [Karin (see my qt post)]

As is Stein, his chum, they both lack [Francine]

A way with the word [Nym]

And seldom is heard [Francine]

A complaint that their books miss the rack. [Nym]

Whatever the tomes you ingest [Francine]

to tom, you should leave the rest [Anon.]

For life is too short [Nym]

You must not abort [Francine]

This poem, it's truly the best! [Nym]

A Russian Kangaroo from the zoo [Anon.]

Would play upon a kazoo [F]

he'd hop around all mad [Anon.]

annoying his dad [F]

'Twas a lousy career for a roo [Nym]

Pandora has opened a box [F]

Inside is a crazy old fox [Nym]

Who has a long dick [F]

It may make her sick [Nym]

But she's drawn to unusual cocks [Francine]

Contributors: Francine, Nym, unkempt, Anon., Kansas Sam, F, Karin, Nym(K-meet us at QT), Karin (what's QT?), Nym (K see blue), Karin (see my qt post), Nym ( I could do.
Poem finished: 24th July 2003.