The Spoonbill Generator

Rain is No Substitute

In shimmering skies the clouds were humming [Nym]

The sun was fat, the banjos strumming [Francine]

Grassy fields were piled with laughter [Nym]

And then before or was it after [Francine]

I heard the soldiers drumming [Nym]

In glimmering seas the fish were swimming [Francine]

The waves were round, the kelp needed trimming [Nym]

And yet I had to say to Martha [Francine]

"We shouldn't travel any farther" [Nym]

By then the lights were dimming [F]

In feathery fields the goats were lunching [Nym]

The gerbils napped; the newts were munching [Francine]

All around was fairy dust [Nym]

Mermaid scales and satyr lust [Francine]

I felt the acorns crunching [Nym]

The beechnuts, too, were melodramatic [Francine]

Their queen was an angel, the king, autocratic [Nym]

And all about were limpets [Francine]

The bishops all wore timpets [Karin]

Their children were ecstatic [Nym]

Contributors: Nym, Francine, F, Karin.
Poem finished: 24th July 2003.