The Spoonbill Generator

Questioning Before

Did you ever wonder why [Nym]

No, I'm not that kind of guy [Kansas Sam]

Did you ever question whether [Nym]

No, I'd rather suck a feather [Francine]

Do you often ponder who [Nym]

No, I'd rather sneeze. Achoo! [Francine]

Do you often query what [Nym]

No, I think I'd rather squat [Francine]

Do you think you'd like to try? [Nym]

No, I'd rather poke my eye [Francine]

Does this dress make me look fat? [Karin]

No, but try a different hat [Francine (hi,K)]

Contributors: Nym, Kansas Sam, Francine, Karin, Francine (hi, K).
Poem finished: 24th July 2003.