The Spoonbill Generator

Fellatio Limericks

There was an old geezer from Kent [Nym]

Who liked to fellate during Lent [F]

He'd seek out the girls [Nym]

The ones who had curls [F ]

He never did pay them a cent [Nym]

The was a crazed mullah from Ur [F]

Who harboured a fetish for fur [Nym]

He'd skin a young sable [F]

Lay it flat on the table [Nym]

And lay fatwas upon its allure [Francine]

There was a hip gal from the Bronx [Nym]

Who diddled a roomful of monks [F]

She took off their robes [Nym]

Whilst tonguing their lobes [F]

Wanna bet on how many she bonks? [Nym]

I've never known anything odder [tonedear]

Than smearing ones privates with fodder [Beefy]

A fetish for silage? [tonedeaf]

Or looking for mileage [Kansas Sam]

In standing in pigswill to prod her? [snood]

I've never seen anyone stranger [Nym]

Than the cross-dressing short Texas Ranger [snood]

His heels, though they're tall, [Kansas Sam]

Would cause him to fall [Nym]

But still he has no sense of danger [Anon.]

Contributors: Nym, F, Francine, tonedear, Beefy, tonedeaf, Kansas Sam, snood, Anon..
Poem finished: 23rd July 2003.