The Spoonbill Generator

Untold Grinkles do the Zink

When grinkles with the morgles bink [F]

The joobles like to weft [Nym]

The frumpies never do agree [F]

Why the umbles never keffed [Nym]

And yet the lorkles never shrink [F]

When the gooters are all pish [Nym]

For they know that in a zink [F]

They'll rop the wurty lish [Nym]

I sing the praise of all good sherps [Francine]

Who quinkle at the larm [Nym]

And never sniggle when the orgs [F]

(It only makes them starm) [Nym]

And yet the orgs are not so grib [F]

They tend to jip the heef [Nym]

And will not over-murk the sherps [F]

Or mank the rapakeef [Grayman]

The rapakeef, unlike the gnorf, [Kansas Sam]

Will never gneep or gnadge [Karin]

But grinkling with a trumbled kurm [Beefy]

They'll rop, but just a snadge [Kansas Sam]

Night after night, the zimbledorfs [Cait]

Spelunk with wurty glee [Kansas Sam]

Do sprinch the spronkled cacazupe [Randy]

And schnerp inderfably [snood]

Contributors: F, Nym, Francine, Grayman, Kansas Sam, Karin, Beefy, Cait, Randy, snood.
Poem finished: 23rd July 2003.