The Spoonbill Generator

Agog at the Freaks

Whatever are you doing, Mr. Trimble? [Francine]

The neighbors are all agog. [Karin]

I never knew you were so nimble [Nym]

You've outrun the fleetest frog. [Karin]

Whatever are you doing, Mrs. Murshki? [F]

The animals are quite upset [Nym]

They heard you served the fishes tea [Francine]

You know it makes them fret. [Nym]

Whatever are you wearing, Mr. Ingle? [F]

The ladies all are in a tizz [Nym]

They know you're married and not single [F]

And yet your hair is in a frizz [Nym]

Contributors: Francine, Karin, Nym, F.
Poem finished: 23rd July 2003.