The Spoonbill Generator

Stinky Feet

(haiku) I think your feet stink [Karin]

Well have you ever washed them? [Nym]

Have you heard of soap? [Karin]

I hear loud whispers [F]

They say you need a bath soon [Karin]

I'll run the water [Nym]

Why must you mock me? [F (hi, K)]

I am a sensitive soul [Nym]

I wear galoshes [F]

My feet are lived in [Karin (hi F & all)]

My hands I'm not so sure of [F]

My head is unused [Nym]

Wee Willie Winkie [F]

Runs sadly through the town [Nym]

We must ignore him [F]

Contributors: Karin, Nym, F, F (hi, K), Karin (hi F & all).
Poem finished: 23rd July 2003.