The Spoonbill Generator

Often Percolate

Whose clothes these are, I think I know, [tonedeaf]

The smell is quite distinctive [Nym]

mustier cuffs I've never seen [jc]

Thy garments truly stinketh! [Nym]

Don't wash them, if you want my love [asdf]

Your B.O. drives me crazy [Nym]

And when, My Love, I do the same, [asdf]

It's not just coz I'm lazy [Nym]

And when you find my peanut shells [asdf]

Lodged within my bra cup [Nym]

It's not because my socks are full [asdf]

Just watch which tree you bark up! [Nym]

Contributors: tonedeaf, Nym, jc, asdf.
Poem finished: 22nd July 2003.