The Spoonbill Generator

Planets of Repeated Sincerity

(limerick) There was a young maiden from Venus [Francine]

Who took all her clothes to the cleaners [Nym]

Including her bras [Francine]

So bare to the arse [Nym]

That the counter man pulled out his penis [Francine]

There was a young lad from Jupiter [Nym(ha- rhyme with that!)]

Who said to his pal, "You did dupe her [Francine]

Into thinking you were [Nym]

A him not a her [Francine]

Coud she really have been any stupider? [Nym]

There was an young virgin from Poland [Francine]

Who dreamed of being with Roland [Nym]

But then when she thought [Francine]

She had her man caught [Nym]

Turned out 'twas a lesbian Golem [Francine]

There was an old spinster from Mars [Stephanie]

Who like to get freaky with cars [Little ol' me]

She'd straddle the shifter [archaeopteryx]

And some passing drifter [snoodmeister]

Would swear he'd heard screams from the stars [Beefy]

An ageing but powerful chimp [snood]

Had a pecker quite long and yet limp [Francine]

His chum (name of Tony) [snood]

Then pulled on his bony [F]

And a rubber mask, yes, he's a gimp! [snoods]

Should man ever visit Uranus? [tonedeaf]

If we did, we'd find things to detain us [snoods]

We'd better not go [F]

'Cause there's beings, you know, [tonedeaf]

Who could pull out your face through your anus [snoods]

Could people make love on the moon? [tonedeaf]

Would lack of weight be a real boon? [snoods]

Can you get the right place? [stephanie]

No, not there; that's my face [asdf]

Now that's the end of the moon! [stephanie]

Irritatingly somnolent badgers [snoods]

Can't pull on Neptunian tadgers [asdf]

They lack the finesse [snoods]

For astral caress [asdf]

And fall asleep scratching their nadgers [snoods]

I once met a sailor from Pluto [asdf]

Who had three pink hands and a blue toe [snoods]

His touch was divine [asdf]

but I did draw the line [snoods]

"Sorry, Squid Bud, I don't do toe" [asdf]

Contributors: Francine, Nym, Nym(ha- rhyme with that!), Stephanie, Little ol' me, archaeopteryx, snoodmeister, Beefy, snood, F, snoods, tonedeaf, stephanie, asdf.
Poem finished: 21st July 2003.