The Spoonbill Generator

Separation Athletic

My love is sailing to Toledo [Francine]

When he'll return I just don't know. [Karin]

He often wears a Speedo [Francine]

'Cause he's got a lot to show. [tonedeaf]

My love is skating to Toronto [Francine]

No doubt he'll see some snow [Karin]

But still he'll wear his Speedo [Francine]

I begged him not to, though. [Karin]

My love hopes that Vancouver [tonedeaf]

Will accomodate his Hoover [Francine]

In his Speedo he'll maneuver [Karin]

He's a shaker, not a mover. [tonedeaf]

My love is flying to Sandusky [Francine]

In a sleigh, pulled by a Huskie [Nym]

Whose pelt smells doggone musky [Francine]

Not surprising for a Ruskie [Nym]

My love is driving to Augusta [F]

He's unsure, Georia or Maine? [tonedeaf]

This poem will never be the same. [Karin]

Contributors: Francine, Karin, tonedeaf, Nym, F.
Poem finished: 21st July 2003.