The Spoonbill Generator

Giggling Idols

What of Phaeton, Hyperion, Icarus, the angel Lucifer? [anon]

Time has tarnished our memories [Nym]

What of Persephone, Odin and Thor? [Francine]

No man is left to hold their vigil [Nym]

Mankind creates new gods as they are needed [Karin]

Once they ruled supreme [Nym]

"Every stone shall be cast down." [anon]

Jesus wasn't joking [Karin]

"Every liverwurst sandwich shall be left uneaten." [Francine]

Which deity commanded thus, only stones recall. [tonedeaf]

Isis rises. Her alter ego, Ishtar, stays in bed. [Francine]

The plagues of Egypt have overtaken her. [Karin]

What of Larry, Moe, Shemp and Harpo, Zeppo, Groucho? [Francine]

Their day in the sun has passed, alas. [Karin]

Yet still we worship at their altar (well, some of us do) [Francine]

Make great sacrifices in their names [Ny]

Though seldom is our obeisance acknowledged [F]

Why do we keep calling? [Nym (F-up 4 chat?)]

I just got on the chatroom but all I saw were my own entries. [F]

"Oh, how unlike the place from whence they fell!" [anon]

For they are the great communicators, ex post facto [Francine]

They would hate to see this poem go on any longer. [Karin]

Contributors: anon, Nym, Francine, Karin, tonedeaf, Ny, F, Nym (F-up 4 chat?).
Poem finished: 20th July 2003.