The Spoonbill Generator

Dangerous Dancing Sensations

Who goes there? I hear your steps [Nym]

You sound like a clubfoot dancing the polka. [Karin]

Or perhaps a tango [Nym]

Are you, perchance, the ghost of Arbor Day past? [Francine]

Because if you are, I've been looking forward to meeting you. [Karin]

I thought I heard a voice [Nym]

You sound like my ex-wife singing Wagner [Francine]

Did I mention we're divorced now? [Karin]

No, but then that term "ex-wife" clued me in [Francine]

I forget - did I mention that I forget things? [Karin]

I thought I smelled a fragrance [Francine]

Kind of a melange of Windex, headcheese and gin. [Karin]

I think it may be the housekeeper or my cat, Farthingale [Francine]

(Farthingale is much cleaner than that lazy housekeeper, as you know) [tonedeaf]

Where did I put the masking tape? [Karin]

I thought I felt someone touching me [Francine]

More like thwacking my head with a two by four. [Karin]

No. See that guy over there. He touches everyone. Creepy. [tonedeaf]

Hey, you! Yeah - creepy guy holding a rafter. [Karin]

I taught I taw a puddy cat, [tonedeaf]

Farthingale, use the litter box next time! [Karin]

Oops, it was the housekeeper imitating Cat Woman from the Batman series [Francine]

Tillie, put down the headcheese and clean up the floor. Sorry Farthingale. [Karin (nite)]

I thought this poem should end [Anon.]

Contributors: Nym, Karin, Francine, tonedeaf, Karin (nite), Anon..
Poem finished: 20th July 2003.