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Paris Blemished

The last time I saw Paris [Francine ]

I hid my face and wept. [tonedeaf]

For the Eiffel Tower had fallen [Nym]

And the museums were unswept [Francine]

The Moulin Rouge was shuttered [tonedeaf]

The can-can had been banned [Francine]

"What happened here?" I muttered, [tonedeaf]

The tour guide took my hand [Francine]

The explanation was quite simple [Karin]

Indeed, it made me blush [Francine]

Chirac tried to cover up a pimple [Karin]

With a Black & Decker airbrush [Nym]

Contributors: Francine, tonedeaf, Nym, Karin.
Poem finished: 20th July 2003.