The Spoonbill Generator


While surfing on the web one day [Nym]

I came upon a bingle [Francine]

I figured that it was okay [Nym]

It claimed that it was single [Francine]

So I asked it for a dance [Nym]

But it claimed to be averse [F]

To taking such a stance [Nym]

I felt I had to curse [Francine]

Goddamnit man! A pox be on you [Nym]

May all your children die [F]

The bingle said "That just won't do [Nym]

I have to zip my fly" [Anon.]

I've had enough of bingle stuff [tonedeaf]

Then someone end the stanza [Francine]

Writing poetry is tough. [Karin]

Remember Tony Danza? [Francine]

Contributors: Nym, Francine, F, Anon., tonedeaf, Karin.
Poem finished: 20th July 2003.