The Spoonbill Generator


I submit that we are not alone [Anon.]

It saddens me to think it, and sickens me to say it [Karin]

Oh, dear God, you mean..... [Francine]

Yes, I do mean... [Karin]

Doggies [F]

Woof [Nym]

Dogs may one day do a better job as people than people have [Karin]

And I submit that this is axiomatic [Francine]

Sadly, they cannot possibly do worse. [Karin]

They're honest in their feelings, no crap in their exchanges [Francine]

The appreciate the little things in life, like chasing a ball for hours [Karin]

And they love and accept you, whether or not you're a jerk [Francine]

Uh oh, perhaps some day for them we'll work! [Karin (g'nite)]

Contributors: Anon., Karin, Francine, F, Nym, Karin (g'nite).
Poem finished: 19th July 2003.