The Spoonbill Generator

Never Reaches Glory

My eyelashes are black [Karin]

Behold the nether crack [Hagfish]

No wait! Avert your eyes! [Karin (was trying haiku)]

Your lashes are black [Hagfish]

What color are yours friend Hagfish? [Karin]

Sigh. Haiku is dead. [Hagfish]

My syllables were right, no? I was just goofing on the subject [Karin (give me a chance)] [Anon.]

I checked that site, didn't know how to use it [Francine]

Just click the "Chat Now!" button [Anon.]

But I'm not sure how to use it then - we don't know each other's e-mail [Karin (sorry)]

You don't need least as far as I can tell [Anon.]

Anonynonsensenymity is what made spoonbill great. [Hagfish]

I'm sorry Hagfish I think you misunderstand us. We want to spoonbill but also [Karin]

Dear Spoonmaster: an easy task of titling lies ahead of you! [Hagfish]

Something is weird with that chatsite, can't get it to work reliably [Anon.]

Seems to be fine now [Anon.]

For the love of all that is holy let's end this alleged poem! [Karin]

Contributors: Karin, Hagfish, Karin (was trying haiku), Karin (give me a chance), Anon., Francine, Karin (sorry).
Poem finished: 19th July 2003.