The Spoonbill Generator

Lifecycle: Forlorn Flapping

How blithely do we misuse this site and yet it does deserve it [Francine]

Its lifecycle bizarre doth ebb and flow [Hagfish]

We come and go [Francine]

Perhaps we will help to preserve it [Karin]

Give it a month or so. [Hagfish]

With everbody talking at me a month may seem an eternity. [Karin]

I fear we're anarchists on this site [Francine]

That wasn't our intention - we brought our googlewhacking sensibilities [Karin]

And so we sit here wreaking havoc [ worksnow]

I am ending this with a stanza break [Anon.]

Contributors: Francine, Hagfish, Karin, worksnow, Anon..
Poem finished: 19th July 2003.