The Spoonbill Generator

Gadfly Pudding

Side by side sat F & N, with monitors opposed, [Hagfish]

"I know I'll get the best of him" each one of them supposed [Karin]

Why seek one perfect line when fifty thousand lessers clamor? [Hagfish]

N has such an attitude, I'll hit him with a hammer [Francine]

Francine you're simply much too swift, you've taken my position [Karin]

And here's the perfect time to call the Spanish Inquisition. [Hagfish]

First they'll torture you with comfy chairs and cushions [Karin]

Then they'll start with shovings and with pushings [Nym (F - ouch)]

But then Francine is such a pompous brat [Francine]

If she were mine I'd stuff her like the cat. [Hagfish]

The versifiers have take a sudden turn towards violence [Karin]

And yet we form the perfect whackers alliance [Francine]

Contributors: Hagfish, Karin, Francine, Nym (F - ouch).
Poem finished: 19th July 2003.