The Spoonbill Generator


Francine, are you here? [Nym]

Indeed I am. Good idea, this chat space. [F]

Just wondered if you knew you could make corrections [Nym]

resubmit your last line with "correction" in the e-mail address box [Karin]

Cos um..your executioner line didn't scan too well, but never mind [Nym]

could we do a haiku or two? a 5-7-5 syllabled stew. [tonedeaf\]

I was thinking of haiku as well, not that I'm so great at it [Karin]

Sounds good to me [F]

Finish off green then [Nym]

Can't until someone hits line ends stanza, like I'm doing now. [Karin]

btw i'll try to be good and not add multiple lines anymore ;o) [Nym]

good cuz that's defeating the whole purpose of spoonbill : ) [Karin]

well, as long as everyone plays the game right i'm happy [Nym]

sorry guys gotta go...think up a good ending for my hippo! [Nym]

does the word even count as 2 syllables? [Karin]

I screwed up the meter again on the hippo poem [F]

well, it's not always going to perfect - mine sure aren't [Karin]

The correction advice Nyn gave wasn't specific, are you able to do it? [F]

get a room [Anon.]

write corrected line as next line of poem, put correction in e-mail box [Karin]

Or as they say, read the FAQ. [Hagfish]

Contributors: Nym, F, Karin, tonedeaf, Anon., Hagfish.
Poem finished: 19th July 2003.